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Digital Consultancy

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True Consultancy in a Digital Era

CapametriX DC is step change in the digital era for customers looking to become agile and proactive from the board level down. The DC platform uses our powerful assessment technology enabling end users to access and complete projects in a matter of hours, providing detailed insights of their businesses capabilities, with the added benefit of being able to utilise rolling reviews, and anonymous benchmarking.

Strategic Transformation

CapametriX Digital Consultancy harnesses tailored best practice frameworks, a proven online responder flow, and a sophisticated analytics engine for results-driven digital audits.


Empowering organisations to make insight driven strategic decisions with speed and consideration at any level.



Meticulously crafted best practice consultancy frameworks and automated anonymous bench-marking, offering continuous rolling review analysis. Combined, this creates a solution based transformation plan for tactical excellence at unrivaled speed.


An additional layer of support - enhancing existing solutions; transforming strategic activities and capabilities.



Set Up

Live in minutes, results in a matter of hours – no training required.

Language Optimisation

Multiple languages supported for each project.

Instant Dashboards

As soon as the first responder completes.

Realtime Updates

As soon as the first responder completes.

Extensive Feedback

Tens, hundreds or thousands of responders

Internal Comparison

For teams, offices, geographic regions and divisions.

Review and Analysis

Rolling review’s for backwards and forwards analysis.

Backwards and Forwards Analysis

Backwards and forwards analysis.


Choose your business complexity or issue.

Invite your cohort of responders to the project.

Monitor as responders complete the framework.

View and share results in real time as soon as you are ready.

Discover full benchmarking - internally & externally; connect past and future projects to your current project to view positioning and how recommendations have changed.

Implement a project plan and assign the actions - digitally transform your issues to solutions.

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Latest Updates

Understanding and Harnessing Generative AI

Understanding and Harnessing Generative AI

Does your organisation understand how it could leverage Generative AI? CapametriX Digital Consultancy (DC) is at the forefront of a transformative change in the consulting industry. By deploying pioneering assessment templates, such as CapametriX’s ‘Understanding and...