Next Generation Performance Management

Capability Profiling Technology for True Operational Exellence

Deep Insight Generation

Digitally Transform Customer Journeys to Your Solutions

Optimise Training -Transform Capabilities

Track the Progress & Efficiency of your Business Training Programs

Advancing Business Management

CapametriX™ helps organisations access, review, engage and deliver the information they need to transform into the best versions of themselves.

Our comprehensive capability profiling technology utilises expert knowledge & knowhow to power our platform – enabling evolutionary business management for personal and organisational optimisation.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Fully customisable business performance applications that enable you to focus on the metrics that matter.


The Platform

Our SaaS based platform has been leading the way in Digital Transformation services for almost a decade – enabling users to assess and transform capabilities across hundreds of themes quickly and accurately.

Base your decisions on a clear understanding of your capabilities using bespoke frameworks to help you achieve your strategic goals and objectives.

We work with many of the world’s most successful and advanced organisations, driving business optimisation and evolution.


The Solution

 Automated benchmarking, analysis and assessment enables our customers to identify additional ways to improve operationally by revealing the important metrics at the core of their business.

Our innovative technologies are quick and easy to utilise helping organisations harness the knowledge needed to evolve and transform to the best of their ability.


Opportunity Generation

Create opportunities in a consultative way.


Our data driven reports immediately provide a deep level insight into prospect requirements, giving you the knowledge you need to make high value decisions for optimum results.


Accelerate projects using the transformation platform to build and develop relationships between your sales team and partners supported by accurate and timely information.


The creation of qualified opportunities helps businesses close more deals from fewer leads. On average our customers close corporate business from every 3.2 reports created.

Maximising Learning

Enabling students and educators to optimise the impact of learning.


CapametriX™ allows students to identify and quantify gaps and areas where understanding is lacking to optimise the learning process from the very start.


Once the course section has been completed the platform will create a bespoke report which to show the student and teacher how much progress has been made.


On completion of the course WorkshopX provides a place for the student to share and process the best practices they’ve learnt for optimal understanding.

Transformation with

Our unique performance management technology helps businesses of all sizes.


CapametriX™ provides you with a suite of easy to access dashboards, charts and graphs to measure the important metric feeds vital for business optimisation enabling an accurate view of true operational performance.


For superior insight and control over your business our technology enables you to take action in real time, managing interior and exterior issues to harness business optimisation faster and more accurately than ever before.


Share data in fully customisable reports which can be used to inform individuals across your organisation and beyond – quickly, accurately and effectively by enabling the data behind your business to work for you.

An Industry Leader

CapametriX™ has been leading the way in business performance management for the last decade.