Accelerate – Optimise – Streamline

Whether you want to boost your lead generation, supercharge your sales velocity, or streamline your business processes, CapametriX can help you grow.


Specifically designed for solution vendors, sales organisations, and go-to-market ecosystems, CapametriX is a SaaS platform that improves ABM performance, and enhances direct selling with real time visibility.

The unique consultative automation engine utilises custom-built templates – tailored to address the specific challenges faced by prospect organisations in today’s highly competitive business landscape. With CapametriX, even the most complex partner networks can be enabled quickly and efficiently, delivering tangible results within hours – boosting scalability, efficiency, and profitability.

Empowering Solution Vendors, Sales Organisations, and Go-to-Market Ecosystems

CapametriX for Solution Vendors

Designed to simplify the complex process of solution selling. The platform distills knowledge and best practices and enables distributed sales and channel teams. Solution vendors can leverage evolving best practices and apply them across their sales teams to improve results.

CapametriX for Sales Organisations

CapametriX enables sales organisations to take the processes and best practices used by their top sales reps and duplicate, hone, and improve them. This enables every seller to use the same process map and sell more effectively. The platform also provides insights into sales activities, enabling organisations to measure progress and drive action for improved outcomes.

CapametriX for Go-to-Market Ecosystems

For businesses that employ an ecosystem of channel partners to sell their solutions, CapametriX provides a way to enable each person in the process; helping them to sell as effectively as possible. The comprehensive insights generated and overall enhanced visibility drive strategy and decision-making to achieve progressive results across the ecosystem.

Making consultative selling easy – optimising opportunity generation

Empowering Qualification

The CapametriX template collection, meticulously crafted by subject matter experts, enables responders to self-qualify and unlock their full potential. Businesses and individuals can optimise their capabilities and by gaining valuable insights while sales and marketing teams can develop effective strategies that are adaptable to their customers requirements.


Develop effective and flexible strategies.

Convert Contacts to Clients

Maximise your client conversion rate by leveraging effective engagement strategies via face-to-face, online, email, or social media interactions. Transform leads into valuable opportunities quickly, simply and effectively.

Engage Every Lead

Initiate consultative conversations and boost engagement through digital consultations across any platform. Drive activations and enhance client relationships supporting growth and development.

Create Customers at Scale

Deliver personalised, tailored conversations that address the specific needs of your prospects every time.

Bespoke reports created from assessments give your customers the insight they need to make the best business decisions.

Make the most of every customer conversation

Events and face to face interactions

Make the most out of physical events by utilising assessments to create custom reports that are sent directly to responders via email, showcasing your solutions in real-time.

Pay per click optimisation

More than 80% of all pay-per-click (PPC) destinations are white paper downloads that are frequently heavily gated, resulting in reduced return on investment (ROI) due to more than 60% of engaged users failing to convert. CapametriX effectively addresses this issue by prioritising the most important metrics to enhance performance.

Deep insight creation

Custom assessment templates can be created for various vertical markets, providing valuable insights to clients, salespersons, and businesses as a whole when compared and analysed anonymously.