Does your organisation understand how it could leverage Generative AI?

CapametriX Digital Consultancy (DC) is at the forefront of a transformative change in the consulting industry. By deploying pioneering assessment templates, such as CapametriX’s ‘Understanding and Harnessing Generative AI within your Organisation Framework’, you can redefine cost-efficiency from consultancy.

This digitally transformational strategy offers rapid and comprehensive insights, surpassing the traditional, high cost/time consuming methods ordinarily available.


Are you looking for a way to evaluate your understanding and capacity to utilise Generative AI within your Organisation? Would it be valuable company wide to have the ability assess the potential success of your projects? The rapid evolution of increasingly intelligent and functional Large Language Models that drives Generative AI offerings, is creating an ever important need to truly understand your organisations knowledge and positioning.

Gen AI is gaining the attention of organisations similar to yours; however, the vast amount of information and differing viewpoints can lead to confusion.  By choosing this template, you can quickly identify your strengths and uncover any gaps or potential weaknesses. The CapametriX DC platform will generate personalised actionable recommendations tailored to your unique requirements.

The Solution

Through our AI focused template CapametriX DC enables organisations to establish and sustain a strong Generative AI integration plan, reducing risks linked to projects and programs. By simplifying the process of understanding through our self assessment process, CapametriX DC not only reduces the risk of operational disruptions but also enables a swift, cost-effective implementation of tailored strategies and insights. This approach significantly lessens potential negative outcomes while enhancing the attainable benefits.


More details:

A responder needs to allocate 15-20 minutes to answer a series of affirmative self-assessment statements.

As many people from your organisation as you would like can respond and all responses will be combined into a report.

CapametriX DC is 100% free of charge until the end of July when we launch on the AWS Market place.

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