It is widely recognised that regular reviews are essential to determine successful strategies and areas for improvement. Evaluating sales figures, marketing tactics, product positioning, costs, and partner interactions can significantly impact your yearly success. But reviewing is only part of the story – solving a puzzle without the picture on the box is not an easy task. Here are two truths:

1. When vendors focus on their partner initiatives, they often concentrate on active partners who contribute the highest revenue percentages.

  1. Partners, whether distributors or resellers, often prioritise one or two top-tier vendors that generate the majority of their annual business.

But here’s the problem:

The failure to fully engage your channel can lead significant missed opportunities, hinder business optimisation and intensify competition. While rush decisions without insight or strategy at the end of a quarter may result in overlooked prospects, hastened use of MDF funds, and missed high ROI prospects.

The CapametriX team lives and breathes the Channel pair this with our firm focus on generating ROI we are helping to solve these issues. By enabling seamless collaboration between vendors and all go-to-market partners, we are empower vendors to drive immediate sales and marketing wins while helping partners to enhance their advisory roles to contribute most effectively within the channel. Our Opportunity Creation Solution paves the way for the first stage of transformation while our Digital Consultancy offering broadens the reach. Partner Audit allows the invaluable visibility so often overlooked and Asset Distribution (launching in August 2024) is equip to transform the effectiveness of your Assets.

The future of successful through-channel sales and marketing is pretty promising when you have the means to navigate the complexities of the ecosystem and we are here and ready with the tools to help.

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