Maximising and monitoring ROI from events is a necessity. Events, come in many shapes and sizes; all of which serve as pivotal platforms for engaging with partners, generating leads, nurturing prospects, and for closing business.

At its core, CapametriX is designed to streamline opportunity creation processes and convert those opportunities into consultative conversations. With its unique Opportunity Creator (OC) and Digital Consultancy (DC) components, the platform empowers organisations to create fully customisable assessments through Campaign Templates developed by subject matter experts.

Pre-Event Engagement

Utilising CapametriX’s OC feature, organisers can initiate outreach campaigns to pique interest and gauge attendee expectations. This phase is crucial for building anticipation and customising event content to meet participant needs.

Enhanced Participant Interaction

During the event, CapametriX enables real-time engagement through interactive self-assessments. These assessments allow participants to identify their operational weaknesses and needs, offering immediate value and fostering a consultative dialogue.


With the detailed lead summaries and priority scoring generated, organisers can implement tailored follow-up strategies. This targeted approach ensures that every report is nurtured according to its potential value and readiness to proceed through the sales funnel.

Case Studies: CapametriX in Action

CapametriX has been used at events by many organisations, winning awards and supporting significant value. The Team at Lima Networks have be highlighted as true ground breaking experts combining the value that the CapametriX and VMware specific templates bring. The creativity of their marketing team supported by a highly engaged and proactive sales team have shown channel partners how to turn potential MDF ‘black holes’ into brilliant opportunities for value added sales.

Another great example of excelling in the science of generating, measuring and monitoring ROI from events are the team at Force24. Companies like Force24 are experts in not only event engagement, providing true value to prospects on stands and at speaking slots but also the follow up process. By combining the CapametriX OC tool with their marketing automation platform they’ve ensured maximum engagement to progress responders through the sales process automatically and in a self certified manner at a speed the client requires not that which is mandated.

Implementing – Six Steps

The vast majority of CapametriX engagements are digital however that is not always practical when considering face to face interactions such as shows and exhibitions. CapametriX can be utilised on any internet enabled device – (tablets – being our preferred device on location).

1. Create your link and integrate with your marketing automation platforms.

2. Add a CTA button on your tablets for easy access.

3. Introduce assessments based on visitors’ interests.

4. Let attendees follow the instructions and generate personalised reports.

5. Qualify leads and connect them with the right experts.

6. Follow up with valuable insights and information.

CapametriX becomes an insightful call to action that quickly allows attendees to create a personalised experience in a generic environment. The benefits being equally shared between the sellers and the customers, with focused engaged conversations and a mutually beneficial outcome assured.