Consultative Selling Automation

Embed customer centric selling behaviours and content using unique knowledge management core.

PRM/CRM Performance Transformation

Realise increased value from existing sales and marketing platforms through automation of consultative selling.

MDF Performance Acceleration

Take Market Development Funds to the next level of success through go-to-market campaign automation and tracking.

Sales Channel Ecosystem Collaboration

Connect to and collaborate with all go-to-market Partners to immediately drive sales and marketing success.

Expertise & Insight Automation

The CapametriX™ platform captures business expertise and market insights to enable intelligent selling, training, and business transformation.

This unique consultancy automation engine powers the following applications:

OpportunityX enables marketing and sales organisations to automatically generate high quality leads that are prequalified with prospects’ detailed needs.

WorkshopX facilitates training organisations in delivering learning events based on analysed requirements that can measure and demonstrate learning impact.

TransformX empowers any organisation needing to transform its business quickly and cost effectively without committing to long and drawn out professional service engagements.

Digital Opportunity Generation

Enable internal and external sales teams to rapidly and predictably develop their target markets by automatically generating qualified opportunities.


Optimisation & Automation of Sales and Marketing

  • Capture and leverage customer insight
  • Automatically create awareness and generate qualified leads
  • Embed solution selling behaviours to manage and close opportunities
  • Enable partners to engage customers with a consistent vendor brand experience


    Capture and share customer insight mapped to solution features and benefits to automate a customer centric approach


    Automate sales and marketing campaigns to generate qualified leads to feed pipelines and maximise conversion rates


    Embed solution selling behaviours to maximise leads to drive revenue achievement and margins



    Realtime performance dashboards to continuously measure and adjust key performance metrics

    Optimisation & Automation of Training

    • Capture and leverage training content
    • Structure and manage delivery programs and workshops
    • Measure learning impact and generate development recommendations
    • Continuously share and embed learning in day-to-day operations

    Learning Impact

    Assess capability strengths, weaknesses and gaps before and after learning to measure impact


    Generate clear development recommendations based on accurate capability profiling


    Deploy development recommendations and continuously review and track positive change

    Assessment & Transformation of Performance Capabilities

    • Capture current capability maturity levels and gaps
    • Analyse feedback quality and consensus levels
    • Generate and implement recommendations
    • Continuously track execution and progress


    Quickly and accurately capture current capability maturity levels from single or multiple stakeholders



    Ensure that feeback is based on the right behaviour and consideration to optimise decision making


    Generate and deploy development recommendations based on quality and consensus-based assessments


    Conduct rolling review of capabilities to track and ensure recommendations are delivering results

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