Leverage Best Practice Knowhow Easily and Effectively

TransformX enables individuals and organisations of any industry to leverage the latest knowhow and best practice frameworks simply, quickly and effectively.

TransformX is a unique hosted application to simplify and automate the assessment and transformation of day-to-day operations; enabling individuals and businesses to identify and solve any issues while helping them to leverage evolving opportunities. TransformX simplifies the management consultancy process while elegantly accessing the latest knowhow and thinking so organisations can implement strategies built upon the data that really matters.


Plug-and-Play Project Templates

Each Platform business flow is powered by business knowledge templates that are created using our unique interface.

TransformX – Three Steps

Select Template

Our templates address many different business challenges to help structure your assessment.


Each template generates a specific link deploying a unique virtual consultant interface that quickly captures feedback.


Responders receive an instant dashboard from their feedback a consolidated dashboard/ report automatically generated.

Your Report

Your TransformX report includes a detailed insight into operational effectiveness:


  • Consolidated capability profile – confirming and detailing any gaps and weaknesses that need addressing with likely impacts.

  • Consensus view – review what level of agreement and understanding exists within the responder groups to broker consensus.


  • Recommended actions – review a clear list of suggested actions specifically generated around your specific situation and results.


  • Rolling review – see how implementation of recommended actions changes the capability profile over time to ensure positive change.




Gain your Guru Status

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