Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing Templates

Written by and for industry experts to self-assess and benchmark positioning in a number of areas.

Fully Customisable, Comprehensive Capability Templates

All CapametriX™ projects begin with a subject template. With close to a decade’s worth of experience creating a vast number of valuable offerings we are able to create bespoke templates to suit your business needs while our KnowledgeX platform makes it fast and simple for you to create your own.

Here is a selection of some of the Sales and Marketing Templates available:

Sales Channel Ecosystem Management

Reseller Self-Assessment

As a technology reseller you may be used to considering partner organizations before you work with them but how often do you consider your own? This template enables you to gain a valuable insight and best practice framework to help you focus on the important aspects you need to be successful. (Approx: 3-4 minutes to complete)

Digital Marketing

Marketing is evolving at a rapid pace but how do you maximize your Digital Marketing experience? This assessment takes a few minutes to show you how to maximise your Digital Marketing strategies to help you move in the right direction.

Enterprise Selling

You may know your target accounts and have a preference between BANT and CHAMP but sometimes a third party review can make a significant difference to productivity.  Our five minute Enterprise Selling Assessment can help you review the important points you may have missed to help you optimise productivity to the best of your ability.

Partner MDF & Co-Op Health-check

What started out as a lead generation tool quickly became a highly valuable data support offering. Discover how to quickly and effectively maximise Partner MDF & Co-Op Health with this short assessment and join hundreds of other responders in optimizing your MDF programs.

Territory Mapping & Quota Assignment

Do you constantly have your sales team telling you that targets are too high or quota’s are unfair? If so use this short assessment to validate your assignment for a better insight into your business. It takes less than 3 minutes to complete and can make a significant difference to future assignments.


Contact us for more information how to utilise our templates and find out how to commission a bespoke offering or create your own.