Over the last decade CapametriX™ have worked with a large number of partners – facilitating a successful increase of ROI on an extensive range of projects.

Our partner programs provide significant value to a wide variety of customers – powering exceptional business optimisation with real time measurement and review.

Enlightening Business Performance

We create fully customisable business performance management applications so your customer can focus on the metrics that matter


The ability to create account based marketing programs designed for your customers while optimising channel partner sales quickly and effectively can advance your business relationships significantly.

Augmented email campaigns and online interaction with something new and unique can help engage customers through a subscription platform that provides stickiness into your clients.

With every 1 in 3.2 reports to close business the CapametriX™ platform offers value add services and solutions that can make a real difference to business performance.


Each CapametriX™ application is unique, addressing the well- recognised issues that many sales and marketing organisations have when leveraging Market Development Funds (MDF).

Channel Sales Driven

Our channel partner ecosystem utilises OpportunityX to enable 100% Channel Sales driven opportunities. This optimum capacity sales model gives your team everything they need to succeed

Tailored Structure

The CapametriX™ Partner Program recognizes each partner’s unique capabilities; offering tailor made resources to support the utilisation of our solutions – with custom programs and benefits for our top-performing partners.

Gain your Guru Status

For the latest unfiltered analysis and opinion on Digital Transformation, Performance Management and Experience Data Analytics please contact us.