Operations & HR

Operations & Human Resources

The CapametriX™ Operations and HR focused templates have been written by and for industry experts to self-assess and benchmark positioning.

Fully Customisable, Comprehensive Capability Templates

All CapametriX™ projects begin with a subject template. With close to a decade’s worth of experience creating a vast number of valuable offerings we are able to create bespoke templates to suit your business needs while our KnowledgeX platform makes it fast and simple for you to create your own.

Here is a selection of some of the Operations and HR Templates available:

New Business Start-Up

If you’ve written your business plan and created a business canvas and you are now looking for the next level of strategic planning tool then our 10 minutes theme for new business start-up’s can guide you through the next set of important steps to help you succeed.

Convert Managers to Leaders

Support specialists with the right training to become generalists or problem solvers to agenda setters.

This Template is brilliantly structured to help you get the most out of your team. (Approx: 3-4 minutes to complete)

Corporate Reputation Management

The ability to review your corporate reputation by evaluation and insight generation is vitally important to progress and improvement. The applicable assessment report will provide you a plan to get your organisations reputation to the next level. (Approx: 5 minutes to complete)

Recruit, Hire, Onboard & Retrain

Written by some of the best in the business, our assessment template will support any business reduce skills gaps and to hire the right people at the right time. Take 20 minutes to really digest and answer all the statements in this framework to get the most from your report.

Core Business Operations

The ability to optimise your businesses operations is can make a significant difference to overall productivity. Our Core Business Operations Template provides you with a structured plan for all aspects of your operations to help you optimise your business. (Approx: 3 minutes to complete)


Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is being dissected and analysed in far more detail than ever before. Management style, investment in people, fairness and more are all assessed in this 10 minute assessment.


Contact us for more information how to utilise any CapametriX™ template and find out how to commission a bespoke offering or create your own.