The Power Behind the Platform

Capture leading business approaches and expertise into plug-and-play assessment project templates to quickly and accurately measure, validate and transform operational capabilities.


Take your business or personal IP and best practices then turn them into functional frameworks which you can play within the platform as a theme.


Once your theme exists within the platform you can hone the content yourself or share with peers and other experts to optimise not only its usage but the outcomes it achieves.


KnoweldgeX enables you to share your theme as a framework within the platform and also publish your theme as an automated assessment.  Transform your project for specific responders or more.

Plug-and-play Project Templates

Each Platform business flow is powered by business knowledge templates that are created using our unique interface.

The project templates contain best practice frameworks of capabilities to achieve specific business outcomes with self-assessment statements to power an interview wizard. Recommended actions for each capability power the transformation engine.

Select Ready-made Template

Select existing template from our comprehensive template library.


Commission the creation of a new template. Our team of experts have worked with a vast number of clients creating the template perfect for them.

Self Build

Build your own template within the platform ready for use.

Gain your Guru Status

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