Information Technology

Fully Customisable, Comprehensive Capability Templates

All CapametriX™ projects begin with a subject template. With close to a decade’s worth of experience creating a vast number of valuable offerings we are able to create bespoke templates to suit your business needs while our KnowledgeX platform makes it fast and simple for you to create your own.

Here is a selection of some of our Information Technology templates available:

IT Templates

The CapametriX™ Information Technology focused templates have been written by and for technology experts for self- assessment and benchmarking.

Desktop & Application Virtualisation

Identify the benefits that VDI could bring whilst considering security through to user profiles (Approx: 3 minutes to complete)

Next Generation Firewalls

The NG Firewall is still evolving as business requirements change influencing security needs. Our NG Firewall template will give you a clear indication as to how well your Firewalls can and will protect you. (Approx: 3 minutes to complete)

Board Level IT Governance

One of the most detailed free assessment template we offer; covering Cobit-5, Comms, Security, Digitisation (Approx: 20-30 minutes to complete – ideal team template)

Cyber Security Lite

Our Cyber Security Lite template has been written to give a high level view of their security posture across any organisation. It takes less than a minute to complete and will be useful to start your security conversation.

Remote Working

With the ability to work from home increasingly important this template helps optimize the process (Approx: 3 minutes to complete)


Multi Cloud

Moving to the cloud? Considering hybrid cloud? Do you have multiple cloud providers? As complex as this situation could be our Multi Cloud assessment can support your thinking and help define the right solution for you. (Approx: 2-3 minutes to complete)


Contact us for more information how to utilise our Information Technology CapametriX™ templates and find out how to commission a bespoke offering or create your own.