Frequently asked questions

What is a capability?

At CapametriX™, when we refer to Capabilities we mean them in their purest sense: the intersection between capacity (deliverable amount in a given timeframe) and ability (level of skill, intelligence and/or knowledge)

What are capametriX™ plug-and-play templates?

CapametriX™ plug-and-play templates contain the main elements below:

Core Performance Capability Framework – a three level hierarchy of capabilities needed to achieve certain business outcomes and/or objectives (e.g. digital transformation, cyber security, sales channel management e.t.c.).

Level 1 – Category is the top level of the capability framework and can be thought of as the title of the function or business objective that will be assessed and improved, as mentioned above.

Level 2 – Capability Groups are like the chapters in a book representing the main content areas. For each of these capability groups we also create an impact statement to guide users on the negative repercussions of any weaknesses or gaps.

Level 3 – Capabilities are the set of abilities that are needed within each capability grouping. Each one can here a 5 level priority weighting to accommodate different levels of importance if required and also a url can be set to guide viewers to further resources to aid understanding.

Interview Statements – connected to each capability are affirmative statements representing the ideal situation that are used by the interview interface to enable interviewees to assess their personal or organisational maturity levels.

Recommended Actions & Mapping – recommended actions that create or strengthen capabilities are mapped to specific capabilities to power the auto-transformation engine. These actions are categorised within the Module as training, recruitment, technology, process and outsourcing.

What is knowledgeX?

Capture leading business approaches and expertise into plug-and-play assessment project templates to quickly and accurately measure, validate and transform specific operational capabilities.

What is opportunityX?

Use business issue templates, configured to your offerings, to enable prospects to automatically qualify and communicate their needs into your sales and marketing organisation and systems.

What is workshopX?

Use learning content templates, configured to specific business disciplines and objectives, to automate training delivery, ensure impact measurement and implementation after the learning event.

What is transformX?

Go beyond just assessing certain performance capabilities to measuring and building consensus and continuously reviewing successful implementation and achievement of required business goals.

Is capametriX™ a survey tool?

Although capametriX™ does have survey functionality, it is focused on using capability-based metrics to assess and transform individual and organisational performance and automatically generate recommendations that can then be managed and measured.