Digital Transformation

Leverage Best Practice Knowhow

Our Digital Transformation Templates help you to leverage the latest knowhow and best practice frameworks simply, quickly and effectively.


Fully Customisable, Comprehensive Capability Templates

All CapametriX™ projects begin with a subject template. With close to a decade’s worth of experience creating a vast number of valuable offerings we are able to create bespoke templates to suit your business needs while our KnowledgeX platform makes it fast and simple for you to create your own.

Here is a selection of some of our Digital Transformation Templates available:


Workplace Transformation

Is your organisation focused on workplace transformation? If so then creating a good work life balance and also to consider eco sustainability and increasing productivity can be a complex area to review. This theme will take 5 minutes to respond too and the formulated framework will help you build a strategy.

Team Working

How can you reduce costs whilst transforming your user experience? Is it possible to make decisions faster and also increase your productivity across the board?

Our Team Working Template provides you with a solid foundation to plan and deliver from. (Approx: 5 minutes to complete)

Digital Marketing

If you are focused on awareness creation, thought leadership the creation of new leads this theme is packed full of helpful information to help you. Approximately 3 to 4 minutes to complete this short assessment can help frame your thoughts around you digital marketing strategy to focus your attention on the important details.


Contact us for more information how to utilise our templates and find out how to commission a bespoke offering or create your own.