Capametrix 360



Employee and Business Self-Assessment for Development

Our 360 assessment allows organisations to gather honest, accurate feedback from employee’s, partners and customers in record fast time.  Providing individual transformation plans, specific actions and guidance for each area requiring focus digital transformation has never been so simple.


Our 360 review empowers productivity and profitability, helping employees, customers and partners understand the metrics behind their business while facilitating customer and partner feedback to build upon current relationships in a revolutionary way.


Using our automated platform for 360 review has never been so simple and easy. Create new projects using existing templates or write and adapt your own for instant comprehensive results, enhancing your knowledge and understanding at every stage and level.


Each 360 review creates a fully transformational program which is personal and bespoke, helping you to see, select and deliver the important information your business needs to evolve, develop and succeed.

Multi-source Feedback

Consider and analyse your business from multiple angles –  enabling true understanding  of your companies operational abilities.

The Solution

 The CapametriX™ 360 platform solution is a step change evolution in the way that companies can solicit feedback on employee’s activity and interaction from many perspectives.

The  solution flow steps below are selected depending on the particular outcome desired by the user.

Basic Steps

  • Select, edit or create a CapametriX™ project template (the basic library has around 300)

  • Share a project link with all required reviewers.


  • View the capability profile results, implications, levels of consensus and recommendations.


Advanced Steps

  • Share knowledge and build consensus to generate accurate list of recommended action for implementation.


  • Continuously implement and manage recommended actions to ensure positive performance transformation.