Business Strategy

Invaluable Strategy themes

Effective business strategies are a critical part of business management. Our Strategy focused templates help you gain the insight you need to succeed.

Fully Customisable, Comprehensive Capability Templates

All CapametriX™ projects begin with a subject template. With close to a decade’s worth of experience creating a vast number of valuable offerings we are able to create bespoke templates to suit your business needs while our KnowledgeX platform makes it fast and simple for you to create your own.

Here is a selection of some of the Business Strategy Templates available:

Board Level IT Governance

One of the most detailed free assessment template we offer; covering Cobit-5, Comms, Security, Digitisation (Approx: 20-30 minutes to complete – ideal team template)

New Business Start-up

Have you got the correct team around you? Have you calculated your market and revenue potential and mitigate risk whilst building your solution? This template enables you to review & develop your start-up, business plan and future strategies for optimal productivity. (Approx: 2 minutes to complete)

Corporate Strategy

Do you know your Blue Ocean strategy compared to your Red Ocean? Are you disrupting or innovating? This template answers these important questions to help you develop the critical business strategies your organisation needs to succeed (Approx: 5 minutes to complete)

Design Thinking Implementation & Review

Our DTI & R Template gives you the information your organisation needs to create a creative culture and build a predictable business on the back of a solid strategy. The report generated from this assessment provides you with a frame to build upon and develop. (Approx: 10 Minutes to complete)

Company-wide Innovation

Covering a wide area of capability groups including Operation, your Offerings and how to innovate the market facing part of your business this template can help you make the right innovation decisions it needs to be successful. (Approx: 3 minutes to complete) 

Formulating a Blue Ocean Strategy

Focus on the big picture and execute on the right strategy for your business model.

Take a few minutes and this assessment will help you and your senior leadership team crystalize a great strategy to take action on.


Contact us for more information how to utilise our Business Strategy templates and find out how to commission a bespoke offering or create your own.