5 Step Setup Flow



Step 1. Configure Campaign Template

Campaign Templates are configured around the business requirements driving demand for the solution and its various features and benefits. We often configure the initial template togther with our customers and usually takes just a few hours lead time.

Step 2. Campaign Link Creation

It is really simple to create a specific Campaign Link for all marketing channels, sales partners and direct salespeople.

The performance of each and every Campaign Link is automatically tracked in the management dashboards.

Step 3. Launch Campaign Links

Sales and marketing need to embed the Campaign Links into the various outreach channels, collateral and driect engagements.

These Campaign Links can be automatically shared with sales partner organisations through a self-service portal.

Step 4. Prospects Respond

Campaign Links enable prospects to quickly self-assess their requirements and see an instant dashboard with their results and benchmarking.

They can also request a direct contact to recieve their autmoated executive report.

Step 5. Sales & Marketing Follow-up

Each Campaign Link has an owner assigned who automatically recieves qualified leads for follow-up.

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