It is well known that if something cannot be measured then it cannot be effectively managed.

Utilising MDF is no exception to this rule. A key challenge with MDF has always been measuring it in direct relation to the revenue it generates. If a direct line cannot be drawn between these two elements then it is all based on guess work. The days of just spending MDF and evidencing that spend against a plan and inferring the connection with revenue generation are quickly coming to an end.

Be careful not to automate failure!

Companies are increasing implementing channel automation and BI systems to help mitigate these issues, but if they do not make the critical connection from spend to actual revenue generated then they are inadvertently automating failure and giving a false sense of security to all those involved.

At CapametriX we have seen that when our customers use our consultancy automation engine to automatically generate qualified leads and qualify resultant opportunities using MDF, we realised that the workflows and dashboards in our platform gave the full connection needed to evidence the spend to revenue connection and give clear ROI tracking. Gaining the insight you need to determine how best to use your MDF can make a significant difference to your return on investment calculations as well as increasing partner engagement in the long term.

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We’ve created a free, quick and confidential assessment so you can review your MDF status and generate an instant report outlining strengths and weaknesses with a clear set of resultant recommendations.

All our assessments can be fully customised to your specifications; if you are a company looking to utilise our consultative automation platform please contact us.