The CapametriX sales and consulting automation platform is being adopted by many North American technology companies such as Dell, VMware, and Cisco to digitally transform their face-to-face and travel intense business activities. This trend has been greatly accelerated due to the work practice changes required in response to the current pandemic.

The platform not only automates sales and marketing outreach campaigns and direct selling activities, but also provides / shares the platform to sales partners such as resellers and solution partners, making it easy to create a huge sales ecosystem in a short period of time.

The platform uniquely enables organisations to automatically acquire sales qualified leads focused on prospects interested in the products and services being offered. This unique value proposition allows sales organisations to spend more time closing, giving them a substantial competitive advantage and faster sales outcomes.

Japanese companies are no exception in needing to immediately respond to the current pandemic challenges and are joining the wave of organisations introducing “CapametriX”.

To support this growth in the Japanese market, CapametriX Limited has partnered with Tokyo-based Orient Co., Ltd. (Headquarters; Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President Hideki Ninomiya) to provide community-based support services such as customizing and creating sales automation templates, user training, and certification of more advanced features such as consulting automation.

Platform Concept

  1. Prospects only need to answer self-assessment statements (Web diagnosis) and a report of prioritized action suggestions is available instantly by email.
  2. Through fully automated hearing and consulting, the sales staff can grasp the customer’s issues and needs concretely before initiating ongoing discussions.

(Consultative listening and analysis that normally takes several months can be resolved immediately)

  1. With the current situation visualized, problem recognition will be quickly standardized, and the appeal of solutions will become more concrete and effective.
  2. By easy sharing content with all sales, distributors, and partners the whole sales and marketing ecosystems can be fully enabled.

At the same time as driving sales revenue results and margins, digital transformation of sales can be realised.