The ability to successfully analyse your go-to-market dynamics and identify the right level and shape of ‘solution selling’ can make a significant impact to your business KPI’s and ultimately grow your business whilst outperforming competitors.

Adopting a solution selling approach is not simply about making binary decisions unless what you offer is a pure transactional play. Organisations need to know the forces that drive solution selling requirements and embed the required behaviors and strategies accordingly into GTM programs.

The first step is to understand these three areas of complexity:

  • Customer business issue/goal complexity relates to how well understood the issues are that your customers need to address and how proven your remediation solutions are.
  • Sales channel ecosystem complexity is about the partner relationship layers and communication flows needed to effectively reach the end users.
  • Customer decision making complexity refers to the number of internal stakeholders and the level of consensus across them needed to advance the opportunity.

Next it is important to know how to manage each of these areas:

  • Embed solution selling behaviours to ensure subject matter expertise is leveraged and customer case studies used to prove successful outcomes.

This will not work if it is dependent on a specific salespersons approach, discipline, and capabilities so needs automating.

  • Automate out complexity from your channel ecosystem by embedding solution selling behaviors and campaigns to keep everyone on message and on brand in a fully scalable way.
  • Capture customer stakeholder perspectives to automatically show consensus levels and reveal opportunity enables and blockers.

Understanding this situation was critical for us when designing our OpportunityX platform as shown by the image below:


When clients embed these different approaches into each solution go-to-market plan the results are instantaneous and significant often adding double digit growth to previously flat segments.

Please contact us to find out how you could embed this intelligence into your sales solutions.