For most leaders in business, August is a good month to reflect on what has worked and what hasn’t. Sales numbers, marketing messages, product position, finances and often critically partner engagement can make a major difference to a successful end of year.



When vendors consider changing their partner programs, they often focus time and money on just the top percentage of active partners because they bring the highest percentage of revenue, right?

Partners, whether distribution or reseller follow the same strategy; having a single or pair of tier one vendors that generate the largest proportion of their annual business.This can make it difficult to justify focusing on niche vendors that provide minimal impact to monthly and quarterly revenue.

There is however a significant problem with this approach.

Quite simply, many miss a vast number of opportunities just because they haven’t found a successful way to enable the channel partner ecosystem in its entirety. The cracks in the system where unutilised prospects sit overlooked paint a grim picture for business optimisation, driving the race to zero exponentially.

Similarly, this time of year, or during the end of quarter rush poorly made decisions can mean further missed opportunities; MDF cheques get cashed in haste and chances for high ROI investments are squandered.

This doesn’t have to be the case.

We’ve found a way to mitigate these issues by enabling vendors to connect to and collaborate simply and effectively with all go-to-market partners.

The Capametrix platform enables vendors to drive sales and marketing success quickly, simply, and effectively. We’ve automated consultative selling to enable partners to transform their abilities and gain the insight they need to be able to contribute equally and effectively within the channel.

The future of successful through channel sales is bright if you can enable successful collaboration and your entire channel partner ecosystem is valuable if you can unlock the potential within.   

After consideration, perhaps the channel partner ecosystem is indeed worth review and any opportunity to integrate technology which has the potential to transform your capabilities and improve your partner programs would certainly be a shame to miss.