The above is especially true when the story involves something totally new in the marketplace. When people and organisations come across something genuinely new and different, it is human nature to try to associate it to something already know and familiar.

Another challenging factor is that change, no matter how beneficial the results may be, means disruption and many companies avoid it until not changing means disruption for them.

We struggled with navigating this situation at CapametriX until we realised that we just needed to use our own application as this is exactly what we designed it for! We just never put ourselves in the context of being the customer for our own solution!

The reason is that all our applications are based on embedding consultative selling and marketing behaviours. This focuses our customers onto their customer business issues that drive demand for the various features and benefits that they want to sell. We simply forgot to eat our own dog food.

The result is that our customers do not try to find comparisons anymore to understand what we do as we could get them focused on getting their business issues identified and resolved in the most effective way. Using our own technology to do this with them is the best way to get them to see first-hand what it can do for their businesses.

Now the only difficult conversation we have with our customers is about them wanting to block their competitors from using our applications to maintain their new competitive advantage. But we think this is a nice problem for us to have.

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