Marketing agencies need to be seen demonstrating what they profess to be able to help their clients achieve.The prime objective for marketing agencies is to help their client organisations effectively communicate value and competencies to engage their audiences and inspire action. It is therefore critical that they are seen to be practicing this themselves in a clear and demonstrable way. Impressive websites and customer testimonials are mere table stakes offering limited differentiation and competitive advantage.



If only there were a way to bottle up the knowhow that makes organisations and their offerings special and use it to automate intelligent sales and marketing flows.

At CapametriX we are seeing an increasing number of top marketing agencies using our OpportunityX application as both their go-to-market differentiator and also as a key deliverable into their client organisation to accelerate sales and marketing success.


4 Key Solution phases


Knowledge & Expertise – capture into templates from various experts and sources.

  1. Branding – set branding guidelines for all screens and reports.
  2. Messaging – fully customise all outreach messaging for consistent quality.
  3. Automation Links – for each marketing channel and salesperson and event.



  • Investments with marketing agencies result in highly qualified leads that are automatically generated and immediately channelled to the assigned follow-up resource.
  • Content can be continuously updated based on the latest market feedback to ensure optimum differentiation and go-to-market agility.

Management dashboards show which campaigns, marketing vectors, sales resources and content are driving sales revenue.