Solution organisations have invested billions of dollars implementing various customer and partner relationship management tools and applications to increase margins and drive topline revenues. There is no doubt that such systems deliver significant operational efficiencies, but increasingly organisations are realizing that these systems force a transactional approach onto their solutions.

At CapametriX we call this The Commodity Vortex and it describes how automation so often reduces solutions into homogeneous and more manageable commodities with reduced differentiation and margins that accelerates the race to zero.

 Don’t let technology dictate your go-to-market approach

They key is for organisations to identify the go-to-market approach needed for each offering and align the technology to it. We have created a simple but effective go-to-market matrix to explain and enable this.


The optimum go-to-market approach can be identified by correlating your offerings on two axes. The first axis is the level of relationship complexity needed to market and sell them with high complexity meaning that a lot of people need to be involved and interact in the decision-making process. Low complexity therefore means that a few or indeed no people are involved.

The next axis is the level of complexity in the customer’s business issue being solved. High complexity means that the issue is new or emergent in nature and a strong consultative approach is needed. Low complexity on this axis means that the issue is simple and well understood.

The four points below explain how to position the offering:

· Where both axes are high there needs to be a full-on Solution Selling approach requiring consultative behaviours, subject matter expertise, case studies and testimonials.

· When Relationship Complexity is high, but the Core Issue Complexity is low a Relationship Selling approach is needed requiring acts of goodwill, focus on long term relationships and incentivizing individuals.

· When the Core Issue Complexity is high, but the Relationship Complexity is low then this is a “only I have it so come and get it if you want it” approach that requires targeted communication of the solution and how to contact and buy it.

· And last but not least, when both issue and relationship complexities are low then a transactional approach is required with process and operational efficiencies at the core.

It is the Transactional Selling with its Process & Operational Efficiency requirements that best suits and benefits from PRM and CRM systems and tools and creates a gravity pulling all other approaches to it. Hence the commodity vortex.


OpportunityX was designed to counter this vortex

There is no longer any need to compromise results in order to use existing platforms and applications as our OpportunityX platform was specifically designed to ensure that all of the required go-to-market approaches are fully supported.