Too many organisations still haven’t figured out how to avoid price erosion and commoditisation when selling directly, let alone when selling through a sales channel ecosystem.

Any sales and marketing approaches are fundamentally decided by the level of complexity in the business issue that a specific product or solution is designed to resolve.

This simply means that if the customer base feels that the issue being solved is critically important for them to resolve and requires specialist knowledge and knowhow then they will naturally expect to pay a premium for it. Conversely, they will take a commodity approach to a solution that is well understood and addressing a clear and simple requirement.

Don’t forget that much of this is based around perceptions.

If sales and marketing organisations fail to leverage the real or perceived business issue complexity, then they are forced to either leverage relationships to maintain some pricing stability or be forced into a total commoditisation of the offerings (race-to-zero).

This is even more critical when using a sales channel as the relationships and messaging can get diluted, confused or completely bypassed in respect of volume and ease of selling.

This is exactly why we at CapametriX designed our OpportunityX application.

One of the key mistakes that organisations make is to not handover the customer insight and market requirements that were used to design and develop their products and solutions to the go-to-market functions and teams in a usable form factor.

This is why the first step in the OpportunityX application is to create a plug-and-play solution template by capturing the business issues that drive customer demand in the form of a capability framework so that prospects can easily assess themselves and generate recommendations to solve any issues surfaced in the form of a particular product or solution’s features and benefits.

The next step is to share the solution template by creating a link for each sales and marketing channel and partner to use to keep everyone on a consistent solution message and automate qualified lead generation and qualification in a fully scalable and repeatable way.

This is the only way to simultaneously maintain margins and drive volume even through the most complex sales channel ecosystems.