Now more than ever marketing organisations need to rethink how they develop markets and generate qualified opportunities.

The need to fully automate marketing outreach campaigns and consultative selling has been further intensified by restrictions on face-to-face interactions and extensive travel. Combine this with the complex challenge of optimising and evidencing market development fund spends and it is clear that a new approach is needed.

Existing marketing and sales automation platforms have over the years developed to address some of these challenges but fall short on the critical aspect of effective MDF utilisation between vendors and resellers and marketing and sales teams, to automatically generate and distribute qualified opportunities in the most optimum way possible.

To bridge this subtle but critical gap we development our OpportunityX application that enables the creation of customer problem and solution recommendation templates that generate self-assessment links to embed in the various marketing and sales activities that enable prospects to self-qualify their needs in just a few minutes. It covers the full customer journey from awareness to becoming an actual customer and easily maps to both marketing funnel and buyer journey approaches, which ever one is preferred or chosen.

Future proofing of existing platform investments was a key design requirement so we built the application with an open architecture for easy integration into existing marketing and sales force automation platforms.

The real-time market analysis and benchmarking dashboards feed into refining benefit and thought leadership messaging as well as keeping solution management teams updated with the latest market trends and requirements.

This has all resulted in many of the biggest technology vendors and their sales partners across the globe relying on OpportunityX to:

  • Automate marketing outreach campaigns and consultative selling to accelerate revenue achievements and margins
  • Reduce over reliance on face-to-face interactions, public events and extensive travel to generate qualified leads and close deals
  • Evidence market development fund spends and results to optimise market development partnerships