There are a lot of discussions and articles online about why market development funds are never fully utilised and if it is the Vendors fault or the Partners and which stakeholders in those camps. At CapametriX we believe it is simply a case of not having an effective tool in place to make all of this noise go away and deliver the required results quickly and transparently.
That is why we designed and built our OpportunityX (MDF) Solution that was designed by our in-house sales channel veterans in close partnership with some of the leading Vendors and Channel Organisations globally to take MDF utilisation to the next level.
Key features include:Rapidly develop markets – enable vendor and sales organisations to rapidly and predictably develop their target markets by automatically generating qualified leads and opportunities in a fully MDF compliant way.
Digitise consultative conversation – ensure a consistent and quality solution approach is maintained by automating the sales and marketing focus onto alignment of product/solution benefits to each customers’ expressed issues.
Automate intelligent purchasing – empower individuals and their organisations to intelligently buy from your organisation through them quickly assessing certain critical business activities to surface issues and recommended actions in the form of your deliverables.Contact us to anonymously and securely assess your organisations key MDF usage capabilities in just a few minutes by responding to only 14 questions. It will give you an instant dashboard and executive report outlining any issues and showing how our new solution can help your specific requirements and concerns.