Organisations need to take a capability based approach to enhanced decision-making

The best proven approach to making the most effective decisions in business is to base them on a clear understanding of the various capability frameworks needed to achieve the various strategic goals and objectives. This is the only way to clearly answer the four fundamental operational questions:

  • What needs to be done
  • Why it needs doing
  • How it should be done and in which order
  • How to measure successful execution

We call this the CapametriX approach and these questions are best addressed in five clear phases as described below.

The CapametriX approach

Phase 1 – Know what capabilities your organisation needs to have

Before companies focus in on talent management, process design and enabling tools, it is critical that they firstly identify the fundamental capabilities that their organisational functions and teams need to achieve the various goals and objectives.

This means having clear plug-and-play capability frameworks for each specific function and objective that power the Profile phase below.

Phase 2 – Profile the current capabilities to confirm strengths and identify any gaps and weaknesses

Get extensive organisational feedback on the capability levels associated to key functions and objectives to build consensus and generate clear and concise capability profiles.

The results of this profiling then feed into the Action phase below.

Phase 3 – Identify what actions need to be done to fix any capability gaps and weaknesses

This is where the conversation around talent management, process design and enabling tools should start as these are each action strategies that can be used to create and strengthen the required capabilities.

These actions are then fed into the Priority phase below.

Phase 4 – Prioritise the order in which actions need to be carried out

It is critical to list all actions from highest to lowest level of benefit based on the capability profiling and further categorise them by the level of difficulty to do. It is only then that quick wins can be identified and the most effective execution plans formulated, anything less than this is just guess work.

Phase 5 – Implement actions while continuously measuring progress and benefit

Clear action benefit metrics are combined with project plan milestones to track and ensure that desired outcomes are materialising. To further ensure this the process flow needs to periodically loop back into the profiling phase outlined above.


We designed and built our CapametriX platform to enable the flow above with the key functional elements of:

Create or Select Capability Frameworks

The KnowledgeX application enables the creation or access to plug-and-play capability frameworks that are selected based on specific functional and/or strategic objective.

Conduct Capability Feedback & Profiling

The unique assessment engine easily enables and and all stakeholders to quickly assess their personal or organisational capability levels to generate consolidated profiles and levels of consensus.

Automated Action Recommendations

Based on capability assessment results and specific template content, the CapametriX platform can automatically generate a prioritised list of recommended actions that can easily be fine tuned to specific operational strategies and budgets.

Dashboards & Reports

The realtime dashboards and reports ensure effective tracking of progress and benefit realisation so that any course corrections can be quickly identified and executed.

Please contact us for any further information of a demo of the system.