Firstly, it’s not easy to access and utilise business knowledge so that you can put it to immediate use and measure the impact and benefit, much like executive training courses. This is due to its conventional static form factor such as physical or electronic books, after all not everyone is like Bill Gates who will take a week off in total isolation and read a pile of highly selected books, retain 80%+ of the content in his buffer and then put it to immediate use.

Secondly, the fast paced digitally charged environment that we exist in demands real-time updates and instant coverage of emergent subjects. There is no time for periodic updates that can take months if not years to appear as the rate of actual change makes it instantly inaccurate or obsolete.

What did we did to capitalise on this:

The publishing industry disruption part of this equation is that we designed our complete set of hosted applications to be powered by plug-and-play knowledge templates that are easily created, updated and made available in real-time using our unique knowledge management interface.

The platform community value part of this equation is building and enabling a growing community of subject matter experts wanting to bypass the drawn out and controlling publishing industry organisations and get their content out there in a timely and free manner. Similar to how YouTube is bypassing music labels and production companies.