On the one hand organisations have to get through today however, on the other hand tomorrow will be just as challenging if they do not prepare for it now.


This can appear to be a paradoxical Catch-22 situation from which escape is not possible but there is a way. The key is to find the optimum way to do both within time and resource limitations.


At CapametriX we believe that we are all in this COVID-19 situation together and as a key contribution to organisations getting through the current situation, we have created a specific performance management module on our platform that any organisation can use anonymously to quickly self-assess their COVID-19 crisis agility planning capabilities to ensure they are in the best shape that they can possibly be in and doing the most effective things they could possibly be doing.


Spend just a few minutes responding to our performance analysis tool to instantly confirm your crisis planning strengths, surface any weaknesses and instantly generate a clear recommended action plan.