CapametriX and i-4business have jointly analysed and assessed these challenges as part of our joint customer engagements and summarise that there are two critical elements to success that I would like to outline further:

  • Quality Data

  • Robust Processes

Quality Data

An organisations internal and any external data bases need to ensure the accuracy, completeness, coverage, recency and availability of the data. Clear service level agreements need to be in place outlining each of these key attributes and periodic audits conducted to ensure that they are adhered to. It plays to the tried and tested adage of GIGO.

One additional key aspect to add here is the need to ensure all internal and external data MUST be compliant with the various data laws that we must all adhere to. A lot of companies will do a data audit (one off project), to ensure compliance, but NOT review their data transactions moving forward. Most data transactions we see from customers fail data compliance requirements. e.g. Importing a list of records from an external data source and NOT updating such data on a regular basis. This means opt outs etc will not be applied to the data.

Robust Processes

A clear and enforceable process to map the sales territories and assign defensible quotas (can show the logic behind them) need to be in place and adopted by the sales and marketing leadership teams. The key process flow stages are:

  • Analyse each territory to identify the potential accounts and put them into opportunity buckets such as geography and industry to be assigned to specific sales resources.

  • Analyse the portfolio to prioritise the buckets based on internal and external factors such as available sales capabilities to realise opportunity and macro market trends.

  • Formulate an execution strategy including the go-to-market plan based on the knowledge and information that has been compiled about the “universe of accounts.”

  • Assign accounts to aligning resources to the go-to-market plan based on the skill set, knowledge, and historical performance data about the sales team members.

  • Last but not least, assign revenue targets to accounts and sales teams based on the assessment of market opportunity and resource availability defined in the previous phases of this overall process.

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